As an organization we are fully committed to providing the best possible service at every point to all of our customers. It is our sincere commitment that we not just meet but exceed the expectations of our customers in regards to service and support. 


One of our recent clients went into the doughnut hole without being notified.  As she went to the pharmacy prepared to pay her normal $40.00 out  of pocket expense.  The pharmacist informed her that her medication would cost over $1,200.00.  Obviously, she did not have that sum of money and did not know how she would get her medicine. She contacted one of our representatives and was able to receive all her medication for only $30.00 a month.  What a deal !



Dollar a day Plan has partnered up with The Changing the World Team to provide a program that will allow individuals to save money on their prescription medications. We can now assist qualified individuals in receiving some if not all of their medications for only $30.00 a month (call for details). There is also a one time $25.00 application fee associated with this program.

Most drug manufacturers sponsor what's called Patient Assistance Programs. These programs are intended to help those who can't afford their prescription drugs to obtain them absolutely free.  However the ever-changing requirements and the application process to qualify for patient assistance programs are tedious, confusing, and very time consuming.  We take away the burden from the physicians and the patients by completing all the necessary documentation and submitting it to your doctor and the pharmaceutical manufacturer.  Anyone who is currently paying more than $30.00 a month for their medications and make less than $60,000.00 a year (AGI) can potentially qualify for our program.

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